Welcome to NBA, Lagos Branch Payment Portal

  • Pay Your Branch Dues from your comfort zone and get your receipt
  • Access relevant documents like monthly report, statutory reports, etc. directly from the app
  • Get support directly from the portal. You don't need to be physically present at the bar center to get support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I not getting password reset email

You're probably using an email you didn't register with on the NBA Lagos Portal. Make sure you're using the email address you initially registered with on the NBA Lagos Platform.

Not sure of which address it is? Then, create a fresh account.

After Payment, where do I find my receipts

Once you have successfully made a payment, your receipt is automatically displayed for you to download or print. Also, to see all your receipts from your account dashboard, click on "Payments"

I'm a new member, how do I register?

Registering is simple! Just click on the "Create an Account" link below the login form and follow the Step-By-Step registration process from there.

How do I update my account information

From your account dashboard under "Profile", click on the pencil icon besides each of your account information like your name, email, etc, and make the required changes. Once each change is made, click on "Save Changes". That's all!